Sofware Projects

This is a listing of the projects that I have worked on.

Firestorm Game Engine
A high-level game engine built on top of the DirectX API. The system manages the execution of high-performance, interactive simulations that are typical of modern video games.
Real-Estate Investment Manager (REIM)
An application targeted at aiding small real-estate businesses in managing their assests. Provides tracking of contacts, tasks, and assests in addition to performing the necessary financial calculations associated with such a business.
Daple Symbolic Math System
A mathematical software system that deals with symbolic, algebraic expressions. Exposes a great deal of graphing functionality including 2-D and 3-D graphing as well as a number of basic calculus operations.
American Red Cross CDIS
An online information system developed for the American Red Cross through a Miami University grant. The goal is to modernize relief efforts by replacing old “ad-hoc” methods of locating disaster-relief services with a consistent, easily accessible system.
Miscellaneous personal and school projects. These are generally smaller projects than the others listed on this page.