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Forefront is an application switcher for Windows Vista designed in the spirit of Mac OS X’s Expos??. The application was inspired by Simon’s “My Expos??“, which is quite useful but lacking in some (in my opinion) important features. The development of Forefront was my first experience developing with the Windows API so it was a very interesting exercise.

Forefront was specifically designed to help me to more efficiently and easily switch between applications, not only because I myself want to use the application, but because I think that the way I work probably has a lot in common with the way other people work. The features that this design strategy led to are listed below.


  • Always-visible window titles
  • Customizable window groups
  • Always-visible “Desktop” item for quickly minimizing all windows
  • Customizable key and “mouse-in-corner” activation triggers
  • Grid-oriented layout with alphabetical sorting which keeps window layouts familiar instead of jumbled like Expos??