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A small-business management application for real-estate businesses, REIM was designed and implemented to meet the needs of Pathway Properties LLC during the summer of 2005. REIM was written in C# 2.0 under the .NET Framework 2.0. The application makes extensive use of Windows Forms for user interface design and interfaces with Microsoft Office Word and Excel for formatting, displaying, and printing documents. All application data is stored locally via XML file

Note-worthy Features

  • Task Management – Stores and exposes user-defined tasks to help users keep track of the potentially large set of tasks necessary for managing a business
  • Cost Tracking – Allows users to track the costs associated with any real-estate project by maintaining a hierarchical set of cost groups and costs within those groups
  • Letter Printing – Interfaces with Microsoft Word to allow users to design letters using bookmarks (feature of Word that allows text to be programmatically inserted existing documents) such that a single, bookmark-configured letter can be printed with personal information pertaining to any contact
  • Mortgage Loan Calculator – Built-in utility for computing loan values (Present Value, Number of Payments, Monthly Payment, Yearly Interest)
  • MAO Analyzer – Built-in utility for computing the Maximum Allowable Offer (MAO) for a given property based on given inputs and user-defined functions. The Daple mathematical expression parser is used to allow users to define their own analysis criteria
  • Embedded Microsoft Office document viewing/editing


Screenshot 002.PNGLogin Screen Screenshot 003.PNGMain Navigation Bar Screenshot 004.PNGOrganization Calendar
Screenshot 005.PNGCost Profile Screenshot 006.PNGImage Gallery Screenshot 008.PNGItem Properties
Screenshot 009.PNGProperty Information Screenshot 011.PNGEmbedded Excel Screenshot 013.PNGEmbedded Word


REIM 2.1 Setup (1-11-07)