Refactoring Begins

Today I started working on refactoring the CDIS codebase. The aim is to clean the system and separate the core functionality from the user interface (toward MVC architecture). The hope is that the resulting system could be quickly and easily used as the basis for the website, the PDA, and a standalone application.

So far the process is going smoothly. With 3 instances of Visual Studio 2005 open, I am moving code from the website VS instance and the PDA VS instance to the refactored instance, cleaning, and sending it back out to the website and PDA via a single DLL. For a significant portion of the system, this should be effective and relatively simple, but some of the deep website code will probably require more massaging.

Refactoring copy.png
Refactoring setup

(The pointless image above is a result of my new hobby of messing around in Photoshop.)