Dansposé Rebranding, Google Code, and Other Thoughts

Dansposé Rebranding: After a fairly violent outcry from the Forefront community, the Forefront development team has decided to enact a rebranding initiative to move to the wildly popular application name “Dansposé”. To the community we proclaim “You have been heard!”.

Google Code: In other news, I have, at Alex‘s advice, begun to use “Google Code” to manage some of my software projects. Setup of projects was much more painless than I anticipated, and within minutes I was done with my first two, and had already used the Subversion hosting to checkout and commit from/to the code repositories. For anyone interested, my Google Code profile is at http://code.google.com/u/janoside/

Other Thoughts: More and more I find that I am migrating away from some of my firmly held beliefs about how I interact with my computers and information. As recently as a year ago, I would have considered my desktop computer tower my most important possession (as it contained the entirety of my meaningful “life’s work”). However, since beginning to use an external harddrive, I find that separating my information from the actual computing hardware is a very effective way to work; now I consider the external harddrive my most important possession and almost no important information resides (solely) within my desktop tower. Even more surprising to me is my eagerness to move my software projects to an entirely external storage such as Google Code. In some ways it troubles me that my very important information is entirely controlled by a third party (for data integrity and availability reasons, not privacy), but in this case the convenience of free hosting and universal access is irresistable. As a developer and poweruser who has always been attached to (and a strenuous advocate of) the traditional desktop computing environment, it is interesting to see how the emergence of various technologies and methodologies has influenced me. Before all is said and done it looks like Josh will have hit the nail right on the head in our arguments on the topic.